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Posada Uguay.

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Welcome to Posada Uguay!

Live an authentic place in Corrientes
next to one of the biggest lagoons of Iberá.

Uguay, which in Guaraní means "bottom with water" or "small corner", is a remote area of Corrientes where about 20 families live in the Iberá Nature Reserve.

The place shows a traditional landscape, where the Espinillo and Ñandubay trees give shade to the cattle of the small producers.

Posada Uguay is the gateway to the Guazu-Cuaré reserve, which in Guaraní means "refuge of the deer". The reserve is a private initiative dedicated to preserving 40 hectares of native forest, grassland and wetlands coast. A large network of trails enters the forest and crosses natural grassland areas. From a high lookout you can see the horizon and see how the pirizal extends to bathe in the Laguna Fernández water, located in the Iberá Park. The lodge staff is ready to share with guests their knowledge of the area along with their traditional cooking recipes.

Lots of history to tell and traditions to share in an area to explore by boat, kayak, bicycle, on foot and / or on horseback.

Natural Values

Live the most
authentic of Iberá.

Inside the small Guazú-Cuaré private reserve you can visit patches of jungle in an excellent state of conservation, with majestic trees and a lookout that allows you to observe the endless horizon of Iberá. Since 2018 this property joins the Rewilding Experience work area, being the guests true partners in the conservation projects carried out by the Rewilding Argentina fundation, offering new economic opportunities to the inhabitants of this remote area. Being part of the Uguay Experience is contributing to the well-being of Iberá and its inhabitants.

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The small and cozy lodge blends
into the landscape.

Once there, the shadow of an immense Tipa tree (Tipuana Tipu) receives visitors and dresses the environment with its branches of great elegance. It has several shaded spaces, like to enjoy a good afternoon maté.

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Esteros del Ibera,
Provincia de Corrientes

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Buenos Aires 780 Km
Corrientes 335 Km
Posadas 249 Km
Iguazú 539 Km
Carlos Pellegrini 46 Km
Mercedes 92 Km

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