Uguay Experience

Experience an authentic Corrientes’ landscape next to one of the biggest lagoons in Iberá

Uguay, which in guaraní means “bottom filled with water” or “small corner”, is a remote spot in Corrientes within the Iberá Natural Reserve which serves as home to close to twenty families. The place showcases the traditional Iberá landscape, where the espinillo (Vachellia caven) and the ñandubay (Prosopis affinis) trees provide shade for the small groups of cattle owned by the local animal keepers. In this spot, close to the wetlands and proudly carrying the same name, our lodge emerges.

The Uguay Lodge serves as the entry point to the Guazu-Cuare reserve, Guaraní for “deer refuge”. The reserve is a private initiative to preserve 40 hectares of native forest, grasslands, and wetland’s coast. Its large network of trails extends throughout the forest and the grasslands. The mangrullo (a sort of rustic watch tower) offers a vantage point to observe the sedges stretching to bathe at the edge of the Fernández Lagoon, located inside the Iberá Park. The lodge ’s staff is native to the area and is ready to share with the guests its knowledge of the land together with some traditional customs and recipes. At the Uguay Lodge, all visitors will be able to

experience all of Ibera’s most authentic traits: the landscapes, the diversity of both flora and fauna, and the local traditions. There’s many stories to tell and possibilities to enjoy in an area that begs to be explored by boat, kayak, bicycle, on foot, and/or on horse.
Since 2018, this property has been added to the areas impacted by CLT’s work, which makes the guests active partners in all of the foundation’s conservation projects, thus offering new economic opportunities to all the inhabitants of this remote location. Being a part of the Uguay Experience means contributing to the wellbeing of the Iberá and its inhabitants.


Our cook prepares homemade, typical local dishes that display a strong Guaraní and colonial influence, like the kibebe or the mbaypú, together with other classic Argentine recipes, and in the afternoon, the mate and the tortas fritas will never be found missing. Our meals are enriched by local ingredients, like the Corrientes lamb, free-range eggs, and vegetables from our own vegetable garden.