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At Uguay, the visitors get to experience not just nature, but also, the area’s cultural patrimony.

The surroundings of our lodge combine the areas traditionally used to raise cattle together with a landscape peppered with well conserved forest, natural grasslands where no livestock roams, and the access to the Fernández Lagoon. However, at Uguay, you don’t just get to enjoy nature, but also, to experience the area’s cultural patrimony.

In order to arrive at the lodge, you must cross the homonymous area located where the royal road, used by the Jesuits, used to be. In it, you’ll be able to see a small chapel, a school, and a dozen typical local houses peppering the landscape. Many families live there today from cattle farming and the production of local handcrafts. Meeting the residents of this place allows everyone enjoy a different personal experience which enriches both locals and guests alike, which in turn helps to widen everyone’s horizons.

Inside Guazú-Cuaré, the small, private reserve, you can travel through different small forests and bear witness to Ibera’s seemingly never-ending landscape. In these wooded areas you will be able to come face to face with the howler monkeys and meet the shy gray brockets. After the forests and the grasslands, you will reach the sedges that surround the heart of the Iberá Wetlands.

Through a two-kilometer-long channel you will reach the Fernández Lagoon, which showcases particularly clear waters. The lagoon serves as home for alligators, capybaras, river otters, and a number of aquatic birds. It’s also in this lagoon were the skull of a giant otter was found, which proved that the species had, until recently, inhabited the Iberá Wetlands. CLT is currently planning the steps to bring back this animal to the Iberá Park.