Activities in the Uguay Lodge!

Any number of experiences await you at the lodge.

Different experiences add to the knowledge shared by the guides and allow you to better understand CLT’s rewilding project in the region, a project that has been going on for over ten years and which has successfully reintroduced several species in the area. Added to this, our visitors will be able to enjoy the cultural exchange with the local communities that live there and the luxury that is having exclusive access to the Fernández Lagoon.


The lodge serves as the entry point to the Guazu-Cuare reserve, Guaraní for “deer refuge”, formed by grasslands, native forest formed by ancient trees, and sedges stretching to bathe at the wetland’s coast, a live landscape fit to be taken in from the top of a mangrullo (a sort of rustic watch tower). The trails offer a great opportunity to observe the local fauna such as monkeys or emblematic bird species like the scarlet-headed blackbird, the black-capped donacobius, and the white wagtail. After the sun has set, these outings allow our visitors to observe those animals that come out at night and enjoy the sounds and aromas of the wetlands.

Hourse Back Riding

The change in perspective that comes from riding a horse allows for the observations to differ from those made on foot. The circuits include the reserve, the Uguay area, and a large section of the Rincón del Socorro grasslands where one can usually observe groups of ñandúes, among other species.


With the smooth, silent movement taking place practically at water level, exploring the Fernández Lagoon on kayak is a unique experience which allows for extraordinary wildlife observations mere inches above water and for a beautiful, different view of the small islets. The outings may last half a day or a full day; however, the size of the lagoon and the size of the labyrinths composed by the islets warrant at least two full days in order to properly explore them.

Sailing in the Fernández Lagoon

A private channel serves as the only access to the immense body of water that is the Fernández Lagoon. Combining motorboats and botadores (a rustic canoe pushed forward by a five-feet-long stick), you can visit the different corners between the small islets formed by floating vegetation pushed together, where opportunities to observe alligators, pampa’s deer and river otters abound. In those areas where the water is clear and transparent, a hot summer day will serve as the only invitation needed to bathe in the lagoon.


There’s an array of interesting trails and streets in the area that can be travelled by bike, thus providing excellent exercise and allowing our guests to enjoy the fresh air.

Rewilding project

Posada Uguay is only 5km from its sister hostel Rincon del Socorro, which is inserted into the Iberá National Park. Through visits that we made to it we can know the projects of rewilding (reintroduction of species) by the hand of the guides who explain us the importance of the reconstruction of the Esteros ecosystem.